Big Six Towers

Temporary External Generator Rental

To: Big Six Towers Shareholders

From: Management Office

Date: June 20, 2024

Re: Temporary External Generator Rental

Dear Shareholders,

I would like to advise everyone that the temporary generator will be arriving at the property on Friday, June 21, 2024 and will be installed outside the power plant. The generator is going to be noisy. We will be running the generator continuously for the next two months to avoid any major power outages.

We don’t anticipate any power disruptions during the generator hookup, but we want all shareholders to be aware that it is a possibility.

I want to stress the importance of energy conservation during this heat wave and the remainder of the summer, but also the necessity of checking your medical back up equipment, if this pertains to you. Please make sure that your equipment is properly working and charged on a periodic basis.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

Temporary External Generator Memo