Big Six Towers

Repair Services

Should you require assistance with a repair or water leak, you should call the Management office at (718) 898-7022. All leaks must be reported promptly. When the Management office is closed, please contact Security for repairs or heating issues at (718) 335-8715.

  • Fire — Call 911 Immediately.
  • Gas Leaks are reported directly to National Grid at (718) 643-4050 (option 9).
  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks — call 911 immediately when your Carbon Monoxide Detector alarm sounds.

The Maintenance Department repairs, cleans, and maintains all the grounds andpublic spaces such as buildings, hallways, compactor rooms, stairwells, lobby windows, floors and laundry rooms in each building. Each building has its own maintenance staff member who works with Mr. Woods. For emergency repairs only, the Maintenance Department is available 24 hours/7 days a week.

Our lawns and plantings are maintained by an outside contractor. Big Six Towers has its own electrical generating system. This system provides power to the entire complex as well as the shopping center.