Big Six Towers

Summary info meeting 5/22

Maintenance Increase

A good 15-20 minutes were spent on the Co-op need for a 3% increase to pay for the new water taxes going forward. The increase has absolutely nothing to do with the past water bills which is in negotiation with DEP. The ongoing negotiations are being handled by the firm who introduced the Big 6 to the current program and put the application thru on the Co-op’s behalf. It was also noted that neither the managing company nor the Board sees the water bills. DEP submits the invoices directly to HDC who remits payment from the monthly debt service. The Treasurer has nothing to do with regardless of what others may perpetuate in social media. The annual report reflects the water and sewer taxes.

HPD Order

There was some confusion about the wording but the increase is for 3% for the apartment. It does indicate per room but there is a formula to achieve that wording but in the end it is 3% of the base maintenance which excludes parking and AC fees.


The Board hired an outside consultant to infra ray test the traps at the end of each radiator on the apartments. The trap’s pupose is to hold steam until it turns to water. The test showed at 65% failure rate on these traps which means steam is being passed back to the condensate return tanks. This means neither our Heat Timer system is no longer runs automatically and we have to run the boilers at a higher rate. We are going to engage in a project in which all traps in each apartment to be changed out to run the systems correctly and provide more stable heat and save on heating costs,. We need residents to cooperate on this project.

Water Jacket

The water jacket line between the power plant and building 4 is leaking. The Board was approached to utilize an epoxy lining in the existing line instead of heavy construction which severely impact the Co-op. Parking lot behind the shopping center, west ramp to shopping center would be excavated the cost of this would be hundreds of thousands of dollars. The epoxy remedy is significantly less money. The next project will be the issue of the jacket water line between the power plant and building 6 and building 7.

Power Plant

There are two issues.

1)  Leaking 8 inch elbow and the gate valve that controls the water flow thru elbow is no longer operating. We have to replace both with a small bypass. This will be done in mid June before the cooling season sets in and the children go on summer break. It will be done between the hours of 9 AM and 2 PM. There is no good time to shut down but daytime shut down is less costly and a majority of working Cooperators are off to work. We will inundate the Co-op with at least 3 under the door notices, posted notices and one calls. We will also reach out to those individuals who have medical equipment to ensure their well being.

2) The ventilation system for the power plant needs to be addressed the heat given off by the natural gas engines has become problematic and the fear is that our equipment will fail. The Board has hired a consultant to help design an appropriate ventilation system.

Tier 4

The new tier 4 requirements beginning on 12/31/2024 are extremely restrictive on reciprocating engines which are what our diesel engines in the power plant. The long and short of it is that our current diesels will never pass the new requirements. We have engaged consultant to review the power plant records and our diesel engines and advise the Board on an approach to  meet the new requirements. This can be a very costly endeavor and it is going to be daunting. The big fear is even if we meet the new requirements that new laws will be instituted to no longer permit use of diesel fuel for any power or heating plants.


Cooperators were reminded to report mice if seen so that the Maintenance Dept can plug up the holes and distribute glue traps. There is at least one building experiencing this issue.

Water Bugs

The annual water bug invasion has taken place if you see them esp. in the laundry rooms please report so that the exterminator can be notified to spray the area.

Master Antennae

There was a discussion albiet brief that the Co-op has no control over the broadcast frequencies which were changed by television stations when they went from analog to digital. We have the tech here and while the signal does come thru it cannot recognize the new broadcast frequencies.

Building 7

This building is experiencing hot water issues I have asked management to look into it. I believe that this was the only building that did not undergo re-balancing of the hot and cold water systems.