Big Six Towers

Summary 2/08/2022 info meetings

The following is a summary of the meeting held on 2/8/2022. There were various items presented and some Cooperator feed back on issues.

-Building 1 increasing the heat to the zone for within the L line and reduce heat in the other zone. Each building has 2 zones.

-Building 3 hot water issues flushed out return lines for each individual apartment line and flush out the main return line. The main line will be flushed out weekly.

-Building 5 H line heating issues working on the issue and currently opened the zone valve for the H line zone to 43% while the zone is opened to 33%. We will continue to explore why the H line is problematic it is at the end of the zone fails to get adequate heat.

-Building 6 The A car has been problematic and we are going to move forward with an RFP for elevators.

– Building 7 The storage lockers are reopened but the painting needs to be completed and the epoxy painting on the floors need to be completed.

-Standpipe system failed causing the water in the complex to stop. There was a pipe failure out side building the site was excavated and the pipe repaired.

-Citi Bike has proposed a new station on 60th St off 47th Ave. I have written to DOT to object this placement considering there is 2 stations located in close proximity. There is a petition to voice objections to the placement within our complex call the management office to sign up. Cooperators can also email the DOT at to voice your objections.

-HAF is for cooperators who have fallen behind on their maintenance there is no backdate to apply for this program. Applications can be filed to the state until 2/18/22. Applications filed after that date will be placed on a waiting list. If you feel you qualify, please contact the office.

-Tax audits over 700 pers0ns including children were swept up in this audit. If you received one and have not filled out the form, please contact the office for help in this matter. The cutoff date to bring the paperwork to the office is 2/18/22.

-Local law 11 in which the city mandates that the building brick work be inspected any issues found must be corrected. There will be sidewalk bridging will be installed to protect the public when this work is completed. In addition some balcony fronts need to be repaired, We expect the bridging to be installed on or after 2/22. The buildings 1 thru 5 will be first in this process.

-Feasibility study we have asked 3 firms to submit proposals to do this study to include the power plant upgrade and the boiler plant burner replacement. This study will be looking at solar, wind, geothermal, natural gas and Con Edison.

-Heating complaints the maintenance team comes to take temperature readings. We do this to learn if the apartment is a sole issue or that there is a problem in the zone. If you want we can out data loggers in the apartment for a week to record temperatures. The response just turn up the heat is not a solution.  We understand about the Covid concerns and we attempt to take all precautions.

-Hercules we continue to experience with the washers and dryers in various buildings. I am sure we are all tired of the supply chain explanation. We have also learned that Hercules is down 38 technicians.

-The playground between building will have a gate installed which will be closed at night.

Lastly I want  thank the cooperators who attended and were patience with me. I have been told I speak too quickly and not loud enough I will try to be better. In addition, I apologize to anyone who felt I was abrupt with them.

We will do another meeting in April after the holidays.