Big Six Towers

Recent Power Interruptions


To:                 All Big Six Towers Shareholders

From:           Management

Date:            April 19, 2024

Re:               Recent Power Interruptions

As many of you are aware, Big Six Towers has been experiencing some minor power interruptions in the last few weeks. I would like to advise everyone that intermittent testing in the Power Plant has been taking place. This intermittent testing can possibly cause these short power interruptions.

As we prepare the Power Plant to accommodate the additional summer time energy needs, we would like to remind all shareholders to check all your medical back up equipment, if this pertains to you. Please make sure that your equipment is properly working and charged on a periodic basis. We don’t anticipate any major interruptions during the testing period however, please make sure to have flashlights and extra batteries on hand.

Furthermore, now that the warmer weather is quickly approaching, we strongly urge all residents to conserve energy as much as possible.

We thank everyone for their continued cooperation and understanding.

Power Interruptions Memo 4.19.2024