Big Six Towers

Power Plant Shutdowns

There were 2 power plant shutdowns:

At the May 22nd info meeting, there was a discussion surrounding the need for a power shutdown to correct the cooling system for the engines. It was discovered by Power Plant employees and Foley Equipment personnel that the water additive was not operating correctly and the engines were scoring. It was decided to add a new filtration system to alleviate the issue and prevent further scoring of the engine. Unfortunately in America today not all items are carried as stock. We had to wait for some supplies and while it was our intention to do this work before the children went on summer break. Time and material and the availability of the contractor lead us into the 6-27 shutdown. We do apologize for the inconvenience to all.  The work took place over 4 hours.

At the time the needed work was performed a decision was made to replace a leaking steam by pass valve in Bldg 5. This decision was made because the boilers were shut down. The shareholders in Bldg 5 complained bitterly and rightfully so that they were getting heat. While the bypass valve was located in odd position one wonders what the original architect/engineer were thinking, it took much longer then expected. It was thought 4 – 6 hours to replace it took 8 hours. The new valves are 10 inches while the old valves measured 13 inches which are no longer in production. Again we apologize for all any inconveniences. We agree we should have given better notice on this issue.

6/28 shutdown

Once the power resumed on 6/27, 2 hours later a 30 year old 800 amp breaker failed. It was allowing only partial power to the western side of the shopping center on the first floor and the basement offices. It was decide that this needed to be replaced ASAP. It was discovered that a breaker was available and could be delivered between 12 pm and 2 pm the following day. A notice went out indicating a power shutdown from 12 pm -4 pm. The part arrived at 2 pm and the work was completed by 4 pm. This shut down was unplanned and was an emergency issue.

A couple of issues some have posted on FB stating that we did not give enough notice. We gave six days notice to the residents and the manager spoke directly to the store owners regarding the first shut down and 2nd shutdown. My understanding is that most stores took appropriate action. If six days notice is not enough about power loss we do apologize but at the May info meeting it was said that there would be 3 full distributions one calls 3 times. And this was done.

There was a porter and Public Safety officer posted in each building during the shutdowns.

Again we apologize for any and all inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience.