Big Six Towers

Power Plant Shutdown

As many are aware there will be a power shutdown on Thursday 6/27/ from 9 AM to 4 PM. We recognize that this is not the greatest date but the availability of equipment and a change in the scope of work kept pushing the date forward. We do apologize for any and all inconveniences.  This work is needed to ensure proper cooling of our engines our power plant engines for the summer. Thank you for your patience

Having said this there are some items that one needs to remember.

  • Shareholders with special medical equipment that require electric should make other arrangements.
  • Shareholders with other special needs should contact Public Safety at 718-335-8715.
  • Shareholders are reminded to safeguard the perishables in there refrigerators esp. meds that need refrigeration. Some suggestions include using dry ice and or block ice.
  • Shareholders are reminded to fill their bath tubs for water uses.
  • Shareholders should charge cell phones the prior evening since land lines will not be available and PCs etc.