Big Six Towers

Power Outage of Monday, June 26, 2023



To:               Big Six Towers Shareholders

From:         Maria Platis, General Manager

Date:           June 27, 2023

Re:               Power Outage of Monday, June 26, 2023

Dear Shareholders,

 As most of you are aware, last night we lost power to the entire complex. An engine’s generator that supplies 40% of yesterday’s load/power shorted out and caused a small fire that caused excessive smoke condition, which many of you may have noticed. The fire was immediately contained and extinguished by the power plant staff. The plant went down around 9:00 P.M. and the other remaining engines could not handle picking up that additional load. Power to the shopping center and the power plant was restored at 9:10 P.M. Power to half the coop was restored by 9:25 P.M. and power to the remaining complex was restored by 9:35 P.M. All notifications to the city were made and staff worked diligently to bring power back on. We have started the process of determining the cause of what went wrong in order to remedy. 

I want to remind everyone of the necessity of checking your medical back up equipment, if this pertains to you. Please make sure that your equipment is properly working and charged on a periodic basis.

In closing, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Power Plant, Public Safety, our Super and Assistant Super for their quick response times and work. I was here last night and saw first-hand their quick response time to the issue, the attention to all shareholders that were calling in and stopping by and their coordination with FDNY. Thank you.


BST – Memo to Residents re Power Outage of 06-26-2023