Big Six Towers

Local Laws 38 and 97

Local Law 38

NYC has instituted changes to its Air Pollution Control as am amendment to Local law 38. By the compliance deadline of  January 1, 2025.  Big Six must meet Tier $ emission standards in order to to obtain a certificate of operation for our power plant.

The following are the current numeric values and the numeric values in parenthesis are the new criteria.

Carbon Monoxide 3.5 (2.6)   Nitrogen oxides 0.19 (0.14)  Nonmethane Hydrocarbons  .67 (0.50) Particulate Matter 0.03 (0.22)

The values are calculated by the formula gm/kwh where grams are divided by kilo watt hours,

In 2019, several members of the Board and a consultant met with DEP regarding our power plant knowing that the age of our engines especially our diesel engines/ generators would not met the new standards. First they thought we were too early but they did indicate that if we developed a plan and had fiscal issues they might grant a short term waiver.

Local Law 97

This law is concerned with carbon emissions reduction. The standard is based on emissions in 2005. The law becomes more stringent beginning in 2024 and by 2030 carbon reduction by 40%.  There is a caveat in this law allowing Mitchell Lama Co-ops and rentals a waiver to 2035 to meet the new stringent emission standards.

Having written this we must be honest that our power plant is old and needs major upgrades. We have been in contact with our representatives to elicit their help in coming to terms with the new green laws.

I apologize if some of this is tech heavy but I felt that all needed some background.

Thank you