Big Six Towers

4/15/2024 Brief Power Outage – 5:12PM


To:          All Big Six Towers Shareholders

From:      Management

Date:       April 16, 2024

Re:          4/15/2024 Brief Power Outage – 5:12PM


On Monday April 15th, Big Six Towers experienced a brief power outage at 5:12pm. The power was restored within 15 minutes. The cause of the outage was due to testing of engine #6. This engine has been out of service since it caught on fire last year. It was repaired and undergoing testing. During the testing, the engine failed. The cause of the failure is currently being investigated.

Please keep in mind that the rental generator that was on the property last month would not have helped us with this issue. We expect to have a rental generator on the property as a back-up for the summer months as we’ve had for the past two summers due to the higher demand usage.

We did not experience any damage to the operation of the power plant. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We will provide advance notice of future testing.

Power Outage Memo 4.15.2024