Big Six Towers

4/4/2024 Power Outage Update


To:          All Big Six Towers Shareholders

From:      Management

Date:       April 5, 2024

Re:          4/4/2024 Power Outage Update

As many of you are aware, Big Six suffered a temporary power outage yesterday afternoon. The shopping center and all 7 buildings lost power all at once. The shopping center and the power plant were able to be restored after about a few seconds. Buildings 1-7 remained without power for about 20 minutes. It seems like gas engines #3 and #5 went down on low frequency so our diesel engine #4 picked up the load for a couple of minutes before also going down, Mike Olech from the Power Plant was able to put diesel engine #2 online and that was what brought back the power plant and shopping center. Mike was then able to put two of the gas engines online which are #1 and #5. Once all 3 engines were back online, power was restored to all 7 buildings. Engine #3 is currently offline which seems to be the first gas engine that shut down.

Ongoing testing is taking place to make sure that there was no damage to the engines or equipment but so far everything appears to be operating normally.

I want to remind everyone of the necessity of checking your medical back up equipment, if this pertains to you. Please make sure that your equipment is properly working and charged on a periodic basis.

Power Outage Memo 4.5.2024